A rare combination of writer and designer

Sally Falkow

Clearwater, FL

Let’s tell great brand stories together

I'm told that most writers stick to what they know best - words. I love to write and design. So when I take on a project I do the research, write the piece and then present it to my client as a well laid-out document, so it is easy to read online or in print. Then I add images and/or graphics to extend and enhance the reader's experience.

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My Writing Path

I've always wanted to write. I studied English and Communications at Univerity and I started my career as a junior copywriter at McCann Erickson working on the Volkswagen account. The first headline I wrote that was used in an ad campaign was "Great Getaway Car!"

In 2000 I recognized the need to switch gears and learn to write for the web. I took a course with Jakob Nielsen, the web usability expert, based on his research on how people read online. The next step in my online education was SEO. By 2005 I was using SEO in all my writing.

In 2015 I wrote SMART News: how to write branded content that gets found and shared online. It's available on Amazon. I've trained hundreds of marketers and PR people at Fortune 500 companies to write good content.

I remain current with SEO trends and algorithm changes so that my content is always in line with Google's content guidelines. Google's has been quite clear about their aims - they want to provide the best possible content to their users.

Writing high-quality content is the most effective content marketing strategy because your audience wants information that provides value and entertainment, and makes their life easier or more interesting. And since Google's aim is to provide their users with the best quality content, it's also a very smart SEO strategy.

Go to the Work section of the Menu.