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An article about the nutrient value of camel milk for a nutraceutical company now importing and distributing camel milk in the US

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July 2019
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There is truth to the old saying, beauty comes from within. What we eat and drink can have a marked effect on our hair, skin, and nails. Camel milk is a beauty superfood with unique nutritious properties that can make your skin soft and firm.

What makes camel milk such a beauty superfood? It’s contains lanolin, elastin, and collagen.
As you grow older your body produces less and less collagen. And it starts much earlier than you might think. After age 20 your body makes one percent less collagen every year. Do the math – by the time you reach 60 there’s not much collagen being made any more.

What does collagen do? It’s a natural protein that holds your body together and provides strength and elasticity in your skin. When your collagen levels are low, your skin starts to dry out. It becomes thinner and more fragile, eventually developing wrinkles as the collagen and elastin become less firmly connected.
In recent years, collagen supplements have become popular. Most of these supplements are made from bovine or marine sources. Now you can get high-quality, pure collagen from a delicious glass of camel milk.
Your skin also needs vitamins and minerals to retain its youthful appearance. Camel milk has high levels of iron, zinc, potassium, copper, sodium and magnesium, as well as vitamin A, B2 and three times more Vitamin C than cow’s milk.

Camel milk can also be used as a skincare product
It’s loaded with lactic acid, an AHA considered to be the best acid for sensitive skin. Like other skincare acids, it gently sloughs away dead skin cells, helps to even skin tone and leaves skin looking fresh. And there’s an added bonus: camel milk helps skin retain moisture, resulting in a firmer appearance.

Dry Skin
The lanolin, collagen, and elastin make camel milk a perfect moisturizer. In contrast to pure lanolin creams, the levels of lanolin in camel milk are just the right amount to lock in the moisture without clogging your pores.

Making a Camel Milk Face Mask
Use one packet of Camelicious powdered camel milk. Mix one tablespoon of the powdered milk and one tablespoon of filtered water. It should be a paste-like consistency. Apply to your face, wait 20 minutes and rinse off. Your skin will feel amazing.

Camel milk is considered safe for most skins, but fresh milk does have the possibility of harboring bacteria. Dermatologists recommend you use only pasteurized powdered camel milk for your beauty routine.
Camel Milk Hair Treatment

Mix one packet of Camelicious camel milk with a large glass of filtered water and use it as your final rinse when you wash your hair. It will leave your hair soft, silky, and shiny.

And don’t forget the bathing. Remember the tales of Cleopatra bathing in camel milk? You can too. Camel milk has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties so use a camel milk scrub made with raw honey and almond meal to give your whole body a clean and refreshing lift.

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